I find my little kid who is otherwise smart but struggling in getting alphabets/ numbers right, should I wait and watch him suffer till he/ she turns seven?

No, kid need not suffer. For age 5 – 7; Davis Reading program for young learner’s is provided. It aims to provide the essential learning foundation to a young one. This program is parent-participation program.

Smrati Mehta

Is the dyslexia fixed at the end of the week?

No. The client will notice changes about themselves during the week. At the end of a week the client will understand how to use the tools and techniques to correct their dyslexia and continue the positive change. The length of time taken to complete the follow up work is up to the individual student.

Smrati Mehta

To do this program my ward will have to miss school for 5 days, school does not allow leave, so what can be done?

If your child has been having difficulties in the classroom and their confidence is taking a battering, a week off school is not going to make any difference. The changes to the self-esteem and abilities at the end of the week will more than make up for a week missed at school. Usually schools are very supportive of a child who is struggling and allow the child to take the week off.

I shall be happy to answer any queries that the school may have about the Davis program – both before and after.

Smrati Mehta

How much does the program cost?

  • Initial consultation is free
  • Assessment fee – Rs.2500/-
  • Program registration - One- time registration fee is charged which is inclusive of
    1. Customised program delivery
    2. Support training to one person – A tutor or a parent.
    3. All the required material
    4. Student’s Kit
    5. Post program follow-up sessions and unlimited email/ telephonic consultations
    • Fee is worked out based on the time and modules requirements as program is customized and individualized for each student based on his/ her requirements. E.g. A student may need Reading program and handwriting correction program as well, in such case duration and cost will vary. If Davis correction methods are required based, on the Student’s needs and goals, they shall be charged separately.

      *If travel is required, then expenses to be borne by the Client.

      **If client registers for the program, then amount paid as Assessment fee, is reduced from the Program Fee.

Smrati Mehta

What benefit will I get from a facilitator?

A facilitator receives a minimum of 400 hours training over 11 modules and participates in Continual Professional Development activities. Apart from gaining technical expertise, a facilitator is trained to a high level in:

  • interpersonal sensitivity
  • building rapport
  • keen observation (especially of signs of disorientation, confusion and concentration)
  • tenacity
  • agility in adapting the textbook methods while adhering to Davis core principles when clients behave unpredictably
  • the art of motivation and the mechanics of responsibility

Facilitators also have a strong theoretical grounding in why we do what we do, which equips us uniquely to be able to track an individual trigger back to its source.

We understand that a Davis program with a licensed facilitator is quite an investment, it provides in return a sound basis not just for reading, and not just for school, but for the whole of a person's future life.

Smrati Mehta