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Davis Methods

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Davis methods are indigenous, these are designed on the core premise that learning is essentially a creative process and mastery can be gained by experiencing the subject through a creative process. These methods are pioneered by the genius Ronald D Davis out of his own experiences; he himself was once a non-verbal autistic child, became a successful millionaire at a very young age. When he realised he can control his symptoms of dyslexia...his life took another turn; He founded Reading Research Council in California, USA and developed these methods with the help of other eminent people. For more information www.dyslexia.com

Davis Methods are defined in the book
'The Gift of Dyslexia'. Davis Methods are defined in the book 'The Gift of Dyslexia'. The programs are provided skilfully and artfully by the trained and able facilitators.

The core 5 essential tools are provided to the person during the customised programs, along with other specific techniques –

  1. Davis Orientations counselling ® – The tool is provided based on the individual’s learning style, for focusing and controlling dis-orientation.
  2. Release – Relaxing technique. Helps in focusing and doing the task at hand better.
  3. Dial – A tool which helps to control and maintain appropriate energy levels.
  4. Coordination and balancing exercise using Koosh Balls – To improve and strengthen coordination and focus
  5. Davis Symbol Mastery® - To remove the triggers by mastering these symbols/ words which cause trouble in reading, writing, math etc.

Other specific techniques are facilitated based on whether the program is for Reading, Writing, Math or Attention problems.

 What Makes Davis Programs Unique and Different

Below are the key features which makes this program unique -

  • Customised one-on one intensive program specific to persons goals & needs
  • Enables the individual to conquer the problem from within and explore his/her strengths
  • Not the problem but ‘root’ of the problem is resolved
  • A drug free program
  • Not phonics based, can be provided in any language
  • No rote memorization
  • Creativity based, fun filled & holistic approach; cannot be described but experienced through the program
  • Strict code & uniform standards followed by dedicated and trained facilitators world-wide.

Read more: http://www.dyslexia.com/program.htm

Why Davis Programs are drug free?

Davis methods employ self-regulating technique which enables the individual to control disorientation, correct the perception and maintain focus, regulate the energy levels along with other benefits. By use of these various tools in combination with the knowledge gained during the program, the individual can control the symptoms of dyslexia, can maintain focus and attention. This enables the person to study, work and carry out day to day activities without use of ADHD drugs.

If a student is taking any psycho-active drugs, stimulants, and serotonin reuptake inhibitors, these drugs seem to stand in the way of a successful implementation of these techniques. Hence, whden the student takes the program, he/ she must be completely off the drugs, based on your doctor’s advice.

For more information read: http://www.dyslexia.com/library/drugfree.htm

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