Will program be successful?

The Davis program has a 97% success rate.

  • It is very important that the client is motivated and willing to make the changes and continue with the follow up work post program.
  • It is also important that a parent or support person will ensure support for the follow up work after the program, without violating the control and responsibility of the student.
  • It is also important that any medications that the client may be taking are fully disclosed as some medications will affect the natural orientation of the brain.

Smrati Mehta

What is a typical program like?

A standard program typically entails 30 hours of intensive, one-to-one customized and individualized program. You can consider the complete program as a 5 step journey -

  1. Initial consultation – Initial discussion over phone or in person
  2. Perpetual ability assessment - This exercise reveals the individuals strengths, learning style and the goals. Facilitator also gets to know the motivation level and inputs for the program
  3. Registration - If the person is motivated and ready
  4. The Program –
    • A customized, specific to your individual learning style and improvement goals, one on one program is provided by the trained facilitator. It is typically for 30 hours over 5 days, may take longer based on the need. Program can be provided at your home or at facilitator’s facility based on the needs and suitability.
    • Training to the support person (student’s tutor or parent whoever the student recommends) is provided by the facilitator
    • All required material for the program is provided by the facilitator.
  5. Post Program follow-up –
    • Student to follow Davis Mastery Schedule® with rigour taking help of support person.
    • Post program follow-up schedule is made by the student in agreement with the support person. It requires commitment and dedication from both and is based on student’s & support person’s daily schedule and preference.
    • Student’s kit with all essential material to carry out the follow-up work is provided to take home.
    • Post program you are entitled for up to four follow-up sessions of 2 to 3 hours each.
    • Unlimited e-mail and phone call support from your facilitator if you need any clarifications or support.

Smrati Mehta

What is different in this program?

Below are the key features which makes this program unique -

  • Customised one-on one intensive program specific to persons goals & needs
  • Enables the individual to conquer the problem from within and explore his/her strengths
  • Not the problem but ‘root’ of the problem is resolved
  • A drug free program
  • Not phonics based, can be provided in any language
  • No rote memorization
  • Creativity based, fun filled & holistic approach; cannot be described but experienced through the program
  • Strict code & uniform standards followed by dedicated and trained facilitator’s world-wide.

Smrati Mehta

What does it mean by drug free program?

DavisTM methods employ self-regulating technique which enables the individual to control disorientation, correct the perception and maintain focus, regulate the energy levels. By use of these various tools in combination with the knowledge gained during the program, the individual can control the symptoms of Dyslexia, can maintain focus and attention and enable student to study, work and carry out day to day activities without use of ADHD drugs.

If a student is taking any psycho-active drugs, stimulants, and serotonin reuptake inhibitors, these drugs seem to stand in the way of a successful implementation of these techniques. Hence, when the student takes the program, he/ she must be completely off the drugs, based on your doctor’s advice.

For more information read: http://www.dyslexia.com/library/drugfree.htm

Smrati Mehta