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The Gifteds-Learning Enablers

The Gifteds- Learning Enablers is an initiative established with the mission of spreading awareness on learning differences and facilitating correction methods for reading, writing, math and attention problems.

Due to lack of awareness, individuals with different learning styles are labelled as slow or learning disabled etc... and they either get bullied or become trouble maker, some simply cope by being exceptionally docile and hardworking. Parents and Family suffer with sitgma!

Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and ADD/HD are not diseases to be cured, they just need correction. If someone is facing these problems, all he/she need is enable learning using methods based on his/ her learning style. Do not let the labels affect their self-esteem and extinguish the joy of childhood!

Unique DavisTM Methods have helped people worldwide are now available in India and are offered at The Gifteds-Learning Enablers.

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Smrati Mehta
- Certified Davis Facilitator
Licensed by Davis Dyslexia Association International (DDAI), Burlingame, CA, USA. & affiliated member of Davis Learning Foundation (DLF), UK.

The Facilitator

Smrati Mehta, the founder of this initiative sums her passion in her own words-

With more than 17 years of experience in corporate world, at a prestigious organization, I was at a responsible position in technology management, all of it now seems less significant; I consider myself privileged on being certified and licensed as Davis® Facilitator (DDAI, California, USA), after completion of an intensive and rigorous training for over one and a half years. There is no bigger satisfaction then being able to do what you love most and ultimately I have found it!

Davis Methods®captivated me for reasons enough to get covered in few words, my personal life changing experience compelled me to take decision of my life-time! I decided to devote all my energies and expertise in taking Davis® closer home for people in need.

I have seen and noticed throughout my school, college, among friends and family, many such people who otherwise seem to be very intelligent, curious, out of the box thinkers… but suffered and struggled as they were not good in academics. And sometimes it is painful to see how they even fail in relationships and life in general…all because their self-esteem gets crushed bit by bit each moment under the pressure of standard norms of comparison our society has framed. Though, there are a few who flourish and even did exceptionally well, all because they got right support system in form of very supportive parent or teacher, or they themselves were exceptionally headstrong and did not let any external pressure hit them. But for none, the childhood had been an easy time. With the statistics of around 15% population being dyslexic, and this is on rising trend each year, I strongly feel it is much needed to spread awareness and NOT LET THE JOY OF CHILDHOOD EXTINGUISH. This thought inspires the name I choose to identify my initiative“The Gifteds-Learning Enablers”.

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