Services Offered

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What we Offer?

  • Davis Dyslexia Correction ® -For reading/ writing problems
  • Davis handwriting correction procedures
  • Davis Math Mastery ® - For Math learning problems
  • Davis Attention Mastery ® - For ADD/ ADHD
  • Davis ® reading program for young learners - For age 5 – 7

What is a typical program like?

A standard program typically entails 30 hours of intensive, one-to-one customized and individualized program. You can consider the complete program as a 5 step journey -

  1. Initial consultation – Initial discussion over phone or in person
  2. Perpetual ability assessment - This exercise reveals the individuals strengths, learning style and the goals. Facilitator also gets to know the motivation level and inputs for the program
  3. Registration - If the person is motivated and ready
  4. The Program –
    • A customized, specific to your individual learning style and improvement goals, one on one program is provided by the trained facilitator. It is typically for 30 hours over 5 days, may take longer based on the need. Program can be provided at your home or at facilitator’s facility based on the needs and suitability.
    • Training to the support person (student’s tutor or parent whoever the student recommends) is provided by the facilitator
    • All required material for the program is provided by the facilitator.
  5. Post Program follow-up –
    • Student to follow Davis Mastery Schedule® with rigour taking help of support person.
    • Post program follow-up schedule is made by the student in agreement with the support person. It requires commitment and dedication from both and is based on student’s & support person’s daily schedule and preference.
    • Student’s kit with all essential material to carry out the follow-up work is provided to take home.
    • Post program you are entitled for up to four follow-up sessions of 2 to 3 hours each.
    • Unlimited e-mail and phone call support from your facilitator if you need any clarifications or support.

How much does the program cost?

  • Initial consultation is free
  • Assessment fee – Rs.2500/-
  • Program registration - One- time registration fee is charged which is inclusive of
    1. Customised program delivery
    2. Support training to one person – A tutor or a parent.
    3. All the required material
    4. Student’s Kit
    5. Post program follow-up sessions and unlimited email/ telephonic consultations
    • Fee is worked out based on the time and modules requirements as program is customized and individualized for each student based on his/ her requirements. E.g. A student may need Reading program and handwriting correction program as well, in such case duration and cost will vary. If Davis correction methods are required based, on the Student’s needs and goals, they shall be charged separately.

      *If travel is required, then expenses to be borne by the Client.

      **If client registers for the program, then amount paid as Assessment fee, is reduced from the Program Fee.