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Generally speaking if there is a large discrepancy between your child's intelligence and his reading and writing ability he may well be dyslexic, here is the list of a few of most common among 37+ symptoms of dyslexia.

  • Academic performance not matching the potential
  • Reading / Writing few lines may seem herculean task; Child avoids or shows no interest in reading or writing bur prefers to listen instead
  • Illegible handwriting
  • Cursive writing is simply not possible
  • Confusion over letter identity and alphabetical order
  • Numbers are not friends
  • Confusion in sense of direction (left/ right)
  • Maintaining attention or focus is challenge
  • Low threshold for confusion; emotional response

The symptoms very from person to person and for the same person based on the environmental conditions. Being at unfamiliar place, not enough sleep, skipped breakfast, etc may aggravate the symptoms.

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If the problem is not addressed at root any amount of repetition, rote memorization, and training on phonics simply will not help. It surmounts confusion and frustration; person develops compulsive solutions and real learning does not happen.

These problems extinguishes the joy of childhood! Families suffer, an otherwise talented individual get labels like ‘slow’, ‘non performer’ etc. and the Gifted one may become a trouble maker, a bully or gets bullied.

What we need to Understand

Dyslexia is not a disease or something to feel ashamed about; it is a beautiful way of thinking which also creates hindrance in learning but this can be corrected. If you feel your child needs help do not hesitate, reach out; Help is available. If your smart kid is struggling at school it is not because he is lazy or do not want to learn! Seek help make things better for your child.

If learning is enabled in right way, the person will be able to utilize the full potential. See the link for famous Dyslexics who are contributors to the mankind in various fields, they could do this because of their creative and out of the box thinking i.e. because of their dyslexia.

Take an online assessment (link will open page form Davis website) and if you feel you want to change and make things better; do not wait for help! reach out, just click here to email to us

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