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Correction Programs offered

Davis Dyslexia Correction ® Program For difficulty in reading, spellings and confusion over letters.
Davis Handwriting Correction procedures Difficulty in writing or illegible handwriting.
Davis Math Mastery ® Trouble in understanding Math and computations.
Davis Attention Mastery ® If attention problems causing barrier in learning and social behavior issues.
Davis ® Reading program for young learners This progeam is for age 5 to 7 year. It is not a dyslexia correction program. It provides lifelong foundation and equips young learners with powerful tools for better conceptual skills as learning enabler. This is a parent-participation program. (for more details see the link from Davis site
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What is a typical program like?

A standard program typically entails 30 hours of intensive, one-to-one customized and individualized program. You can consider the complete program as a 5 step journey -

  1. Initial Consultation – Initial discussion over phone or in person
  2. Assessment - This exercise reveals the individuals strengths, learning style, the goals and motivation levels. Facilitator developes a rapport with the individual and also gets the inputs for program customization.
  3. Registration - If the person is motivated and ready for the program
  4. The Program –
    • A customized, specific to your individual learning style and improvement goals, one to one program is provided by the trained facilitator. It is typically for 30 hours over 5 days, may take longer based on the need. Program can be provided at your home or at facilitator’s facility based on the needs and suitability.
    • Training to the support person (student’s tutor or parent whoever the student recommends) is provided by the facilitator
    • All required material for the program is provided by the facilitator.
  5. Post Program follow-up –
    • Student to follow Davis Mastery Schedule® with rigour taking help of support person.
    • Post program follow-up schedule is made by the student in agreement with the support person. It requires commitment and dedication from both and is based on student’s & support person’s daily schedule and preference.
    • Student’s kit with all essential material to carry out the follow-up work is provided to take home.
    • Post program you are entitled for up to four follow-up sessions, if needed.
    • Unlimited e-mail and phone call support from your facilitator if you need any clarifications or support.

How much does the program cost?

  • Initial consultation is free
  • Assessment fee – Rs.2500/-
  • Program registration - One- time registration fee is charged which is inclusive of
    1. Customised program delivery
    2. Support training to one person – A tutor or a parent.
    3. All the required material required during the program
    4. Student’s Kit
    5. Post program follow-up sessions and unlimited email/ telephonic consultations
    • Program fee is worked out based the customized program for the individual based on his/ her needs.

      *If client registers for the program, then amount paid as Assessment fee, is reduced from the Program Fee.

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