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Learnig Differences Unfold

Correction programs for Dyslexia and other related learning differences (Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia, Discalculia) and ADD / ADHD based on Davis Methods are provided by a trained and certified facilitator. These are completely drug free and self empowering methods. You get specific techniuques (refered as tools also and used interchably) which enables the person to control 'the cause' of the problems at will. It boosts the self esteem of the individual as they feel empowered and they can participate in studies, play and other life activities more effectively.

Is you bright child a bundle of energy, curious, intellegent; but struggeling at school, has difficulty in reading, writing, math or trouble keeping attention?

Do not hesitate or get worried about 'labels'. As a parent you are commited to provide what your child needs. All your child need is Enable his/her learning with methods appropriate to his/her thinking and learning style.

"Dyslexic thinking style is a unique ability of viewing perception as reality and changing perception at will"-– from the book ‘ The Gift of Dyslexia’ by Ronald D Davis,
also author of the book ‘The Gift of Learning’ and ‘The Seeds of Change’ and the one who has pioneered the unique Dyslexia Correction Methods

Diagnosing Symptoms

These are few of the 37 symptoms that you yourself can observe over your child and find out whether he/she is gifted.

  • Academic performance not matching the potential
  • Reading / Writing few lines may seem herculean task.
  • Child avoids or shows no interest in reading or writing

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How our Program works

Our program works in various levels and looks into the fact that both the child and the parent are made aware of the various solutions.

  • Not the problem but ‘root’ of the problem is resolved.
  • Customised one-on one intensive program specific to client’s goals & needs.
  • A drug free program

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My son had difficulty in reading, writing & spellings. While reading he used to guess the word rather than read. He now has the tools to which he can relate very easily to help him overcome his difficulties. A big difference; he is now able to differentiate between 'b' & 'd', he now makes an effort to read rather than guessing and his writing has become so good; beyond my imagination.

Mother of a 13 yr old boy after the program