Learning Differences Unfold

We provide correction programs for reading, writing, math and attention problems usually termed as Dyslexia and other related learning differences (Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia, and Dyscalculia) and ADD / ADHD based on Davis® Methods.

These are completely drug free and self-empowering correction methods provided on one-to-one basis and customized to individual’s learning style and needs. With these programs the person gets specific techniques or ‘tools’ which enables him/ her to control 'the cause' of the problems at will and explore the full potential of the wonderful thinking style they possess. It boosts individual’s self-esteem as they feel empowered and can participate more effectively in work, studies, play and other essential life activities.

Are You in Need?

Is you bright child a bundle of energy, curious, intelligent; but struggling at school, has difficulty in reading, writing, math or trouble keeping attention?
Many times parent/ teachers may think that the child is just being lazy and not interested in studies or learning...this is because often they do not get right answers of what the problem is!

Do not hesitate or get worried about 'labels'.
It is not about ‘Does he/she have Dyslexia/ ADD/ ADHD?’

As each individual is different and unique, each one has different learning style, but our formal education system follows a cookie-cutter approach which may not suit every one. All your child need is Enable his/her learning with methods appropriate to his/her thinking and learning style.

Not just children, these problems remain in adults as well, they somehow manage to cope, but their struggle continues in day to day life…If you are an adult you need not continue suffering that low feeling. The programs are equally effective for adults too.

To get a first-hand information about how the problem affects and how Davis correction methods help, please see the video clip of individuals who have undergone this program (courtesy DDA, UK)

Davis programs are provided by dedicated and trained facilitators following uniform standards and strict code of conduct in 45 nations across the globe. Davis methods are known to have 97% success rate (please refer http://www.dyslexia.com/program.htm)
And the good news is, it is now is available in India too.

To find out if help is needed, you can take an informal free on-line assessment now www.testdyslexia.com
and Contact Us Call Us +91 989 277 1795 / Email Us gifteds@dyslexiacorrection.co.in

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